Frederiksdal Likor 500ml. NV

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  • Item Code: 5710581150630
  • Varietal: Dessert
  • Vintage: NV
  • Bottle Size: 500ml

About this product

Our reinvention of the authentic liquer is the ideal basis for drinks and cocktails. A new liqueur with more taste Cherry liqueur is a proud Danish tradition but after the relocation of production abroad and a decline in quality in the Â80s, the production has almost disappeared. We now take up the tradition introducing a modern liqueur based on the Stevnsbær cherries from Frederiksdal Estate. More Intense Whereas traditional liqueur is simply made from juice, sugar and alcohol, in our reinvented version, the Stevnsbær cherries have been fermented naturally immediately following harvest, cherry alcohol only being added subsequently. This process gives the liqueur a more complex and intense taste, which is unlike that of traditional cherry liqueurs. The taste is sharp, with an intense cherry sweetness, a hint of chocolate and an irresistible citrus finish.