Buccella Mixed Blacks Red

Buccella Mixed Blacks Red Wine 2018


Product Details
  • Item Code: WN21070701
  • Varietal: Meritage
  • Country|Region: California
  • Bottle Size: 750ml

About this product

Our 2018 Mixed Blacks is bursting with bright fruit and exotic spices. Tangy pomegranate, cranberry and lavender mix with hints of white pepper and tarragon to enchant the nose. Constantly evolving, each glass offers a newfound aroma and flavor. Aged in new, light toast French oak and traditional terra cotta Amphora from Italy, these vessels help elevate the aromatics and enhance a powerful, savory and mineral-driven acidity from the rocky Amador County terroir. A long lasting zesty finish leaves you asking for another taste. Thought provoking yet fun, our Mixed Blacks is a quintessential expression of CaliforniaÂs diverse viticulture history.