Eufloria Rose

Eufloria Rose 375ml Can 2016


Product Details
  • Item Code: 860505000437
  • Varietal: Other Rose
  • Country|Region: Washington
  • Vintage: 2016
  • Bottle Size: 375ml

About this product

54% Riesling, 30% Muscat, 13% Gewurztraminer, 2% Malbec, 1% Rieslaner Fresh and layered aromatic blend with a touch of residual sugar. The blend brings together several intense aromatic varietals that provides great aromatic intensity and complexity. The beautiful package is inspired by local Portland artist, Flora Bowley that layers her art just like we layer flavors in winemaking.The bright and balanced character of Eufloria Rose makes it a perfect pairing for foods as diverse a springsalad, grilled fish or roasted pork.