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Louis Roederer Vintage Rose 2004


Product Details
  • Item Code: 734599034053
  • Varietal: Bubbly
  • Country|Region: France, Champagne
  • Vintage: 2004
  • Bottle Size: 750ml

Ratings and Awards

  • 93 Wine Enthusiast

About this product

93:WE "From a great vintage, this rosé is still young, still developing. But already the outlines are there with ripe strawberry and pink grapefruit along with a tight flinty texture"

A wine to be tasted with all five senses! Intense, explosive, bewitching aromas of flowers and fresh fruit completed with toasted, caramel notes. The pinot noir emerges in all its creamy, full-flavored richness. It caresses and literally enfolds the full vivacity and rich structure of the grape variety without ever constricting or dominating. The bubble is light and airy. The finesse remains and provides a perfect accompaniment to this precise, elegant and uncompromising stylistic composition that the Roederer establishment produces each year from its Cumières vines!

The structure and richness of Louis Roederer Brut Rosé make it a perfect accompaniment to main courses, magnificently complementing fish such as salmon; meat such as lamb, veal, guinea fowl and even pheasant; and soft cheeses such as Chaource and Brillat-Savarin. It can also be served with red fruit based dessert. Winemaker Notes