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Emter Sake Sookuu Junmai NV

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  • Item Code: 850095006162
  • Varietal: White
  • Country|Region: Japan
  • Vintage: NV

About this product

This honjozo, polished to 65%, reflects a clean pure style of sake, with white mountain flowers on the nose. It has a wonderful clean and soft silky texture. The cleansing acidity also provides good structure and there is a subtle fruitiness with hints of mango, peach and pineapple. Sekiya Brewery producer of Black Dot 2015 was established in 1865 based in Kitashitara-gun is located in a mountain valley pass in the Japanese Alps between Nagoya and Nagano. For hundred of years the town was a waypoint and resting place for travelers between the two cities. Sekiya Brewery was established because of the clean water from the mountains and the thirsty travelers crossing the mountains. Now it is a state-of-the-art sake brewery with a tasting room and sake-focused restaurant built out of an ancient farmhouse in town as well.