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Marjan Simcic Ribolla 2015


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  • Item Code: WN19031901
  • Varietal: Other White
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Bottle Size: 750ml

About this product

Josef Simcic started to make wine here in 1860. Five generations later, Marjan Simcic carries on the tradition. His 18 hectares of vineyards straddle the border between Italy and Slovenia. His wines are the result of the hills’ many microclimates and calcareous soil, known as Opoka, rich with nurturing minerals.the wine occasionally spends a few days on the skins, then about 9-10 months on the lees in stainless steel vats before bottling.

Ribolla is a Slovene autochthonous variety, which is said to be giving best results in Brda region. It grows best on Brda marlsoil (opoka) under the influence of the mild Mediterranean climate. In the past, it was a simple wine as the vine could bevery loaded. Our Ribolla, from middle-aged vines, is light yellow, with gold accents; the bouquet is specifically soft (notes oflemon, green apple, citrus and grapefruit) and fruity. The harmony of acids, the full body and distinct minerality completethe taste to its excellence.