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Strub Niersteiner Riesling Roter Schiefer 2015

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Product Details
  • Item Code: 4040242200208
  • Varietal: Riesling
  • Country|Region: Germany
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Bottle Size: 750ml

About this product

"Roter Schiefer" in this case is a brand-name and not a cadaster name. It’s usually juicier than the Hipping, as it now is, and the RS balance is more seamless. The aroma is gorgeous, and the palate twirls among green and smoke, maple and pancetta. It has a whip of puppy-sharpness to shed, but there’s a ton of potential here. As it sat in the glass it started tasting like candy-cap mushrooms with their uncanny scent of maple-syrup.