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Fine Beer Selection

Beer Selection

Martha’s Vineyard features an extensive collection of fine beers for every taste and budget. We stock local microbrews, national brands, seasonal brews and many foreign imports; if we do not have it in stock, we are happy to order it!

Martha’s Vineyard is a Michigan store, and our specialty beer selection reflects our relationships with many breweries and microbreweries throughout the state. We showcase local breweries’ newest beers and frequently offer great, limited-production brews not found elsewhere. Our selection guides you through the brewing year with seasonal batches of unique beers—and you can depend on Martha’s Vineyard to pair your Winter White or Harvest Ale with a specialty cheese, one of our homemade deli items, or a specialty pizza from Martha’s Pizza!

Specialty Selection

We sell many of our beers in singles as well as multiple packs, so feel free to try a new beer without being overwhelmed or intimidated in buying bulk. Whether compelled by a sense of adventure, seeking complementary beers for a gourmet dinner, or yearning for an old favorite, our knowledgeable staff is trained to ask the right questions and help you find that perfect fit in beer.