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Our Wines

A brief word about what you will not find in our website: the heart and the soul of our unique store.

This website may feature items from our vast inventory of over 2,000 labels, but one visit to our store will confirm that this presentation only scratches the surface of our collection, and only offers a glimpse of who we are as a team of wine and food professionals.

From the earliest days of our Wine Loft (some of you will remember our spiral staircase) to our recent expansions into other areas (we now have an elevator) and departments, Martha's Vineyard remains West Michigan's UNIQUE treasure trove of the most amazing wines from France, Italy, Spain, South America, and, of course, California, the Pacific Northwest, our own Michigan, and the lesser known U.S. wine growing areas.

Main Floor Wines

But while our Wine Loft remains truly unique, our main floor collection has grown to offer an expanding host of carefully considered selections from around the globe — from recent vintages that are 'hot' and 'hard to find' to a superior group of everyday values at prices that don't require a 'club card' to purchase. It is this curated selection of wines and foods that is the heart of what makes Martha's a truly unique wine and food shop.

But more importantly, it is our expert and passionate staff that endures as the SOUL of Martha's Vineyard — the amazing roster of talented individuals that we are so blessed and humbled to work with every day, each of whom is committed to providing every customer the area's finest level of SELECTION, VALUE, and SERVICE. This is the unique and enduring legacy of Martha's Vineyard that can only be experienced by venturing to our corner store.


So please make it a point to stop by and experience the heart and soul of Martha's through our fabulous in-store tastings on Friday (noon to 8pm) and Saturday (10am to 8pm). On these days, one of our knowledgeable teammates, walks guests through tasting fresh-baked breads from our artisan bakery, charcuterie and cheese selections from our deli (the staff is second to none), hand-selected gourmet grocery items both locally sourced and specialty imported, and, of course, beer and wines ranging from entry-level values to high-end wines that most of us would never have the opportunity to experience elsewhere.

We hope you will visit us soon! Cheers!