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Imported Groceries

Ilana, Gourmet Grocer

If you seek culinary adventure, Martha’s Vineyard will help you assemble a savory meal with a global flair for you and your friends. Our world of specialty food consists of thousands of products, ranging from fresh fruit preserves, to aromatic teas and coffees, to handmade pastas and sauces. Martha’s Vineyard carefully selects unique, premium-quality foods from specialty import companies around the world.

We take great pride in our imported grocery products and are committed to sharing with our customers the heritage, taste, and usage of each product. If you are preparing a gourmet dinner for a few guests, or simply picking up some items for lunch, dinner, or a picnic, you will find a wealth of surprises among our fine imported groceries to delight your guests as well as your own palate.

Global Groceries

Our staff is always ready to suggest one of our newest products from imported infused olive oils and organic pasta sauces, to bourbon barrel aged sauces or single origin chocolates. Pick up some Rusticella pasta — dense and flavorful — it cooks perfectly al dente. We also offer a wide variety of specialty stuffed olives, pickles, mustard, bread dips, and bruschetta toppings to complement any meal. If you are having trouble finding a specialty grocery item, we are always happy to recommend something new or help you find what you seek.