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The Original Wine Loft

Wine Loft

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are able and ready to help budding wine enthusiasts, collectors and seasoned connoisseurs alike. The staff at Martha’s can recommend excellent wines to fit your needs and your budget.

With more than 3000 different labels at any time, Martha’s Vineyard offers West Michigan’s largest selection of fine wine. You will find well-known producers like Caymus, Silver Oak, Pahlmeyer, Phelps, Shafer, Colgin, and Dunn, as well as hundreds of smaller winemakers from around the world that are changing the international market.

Wine Loft

Our wine selection on the main floor is conveniently arranged and easy to navigate. Should you happen to wander upstairs, our temperature-controlled Wine Loft contains some of the most impressive vintages and heirloom wines to be found in the Midwest. So whether you are assembling your cellar, expanding an existing collection, or simply looking for a few bottles to pair with dinner, a visit to Martha’s will accomplish your wine drinking needs.