Dry Sack Sherry Nv

Dry Sack Sherry NV


Product Details
  • Item Code: 086785643205
  • Varietal: Dessert
  • Country|Region: Spain
  • Vintage|Type: NV
  • Bottle Size: 750ml

About this product

Dry Sack Medium Dry is bright amber in color with a deep yet delicate nutty bouquet. It is a wine for all occasions, a perfect partner before or after meals. Serve chilled or on the rocks. Dry sack, due to its character its taste being neither dry nor sweet, and its alcoholic strength is the perfect Sherry for any occasion. It can be served in the traditional Sherry glass (copita) or as a long drink on the rocks. This wine can accompany consomme, game soups, cold and smoked meats, foie-gras and many spicy Asian dishes, as with the Amontillado styles.