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Leitz Out Riesling Can MV


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Product Details
  • Item Code: 4260196280273
  • Varietal: Riesling
  • Country|Region: Germany
  • Vintage|Type: MV
  • Bottle Size: 250ml

About this product

A wonderfully dry, but not mouth-searing style of Riesling for those who love the delicate attributes of the noble Riesling varietal but aren't keen on any residual sugar. Fantastically versatile, this offers up taught flavors of salty lemon, a touch of smoky minerality, lean stone fruit and a nice persistence through the finish. Makes for a nice aperitif or to wash down grilled sausages and even matches deliciously with smoked fish. The 2012 is "the best everyday dry Riesling I've tasted from Germany to date," notes the importer. "Whereas it used to come from a single-site (and Grand Cru) called Geisenheimer Rothenberg, it's now a trans-regional cuvée with Rothenberg in the majority; bright mineral aromas, less rhubarb and vetiver than before; the palate is spicy and juicy, and it’s wonderfully cunning to do a fully dry Riesling at 50o N latitude and have it be this delicious. It remains grainy and rye-barley like with a balsamy nuance and a mélange of fruits and shade-grown herbs."