Upcoming Event:

The Dalmore - Single Malt Whisky Tasting

with Alastair Menzies | Single Malt Whisky Specialist

When: Thursday, 12 September, 6pm to 8pm

Where: Lyon Street Cafe

About this special Scotch whisky tasting event:

The Dalmore Story: A whisky of legendary depth and finesse. For over 150 years, The Dalmore has set the standard in multi cask maturation. Hand selected casks, from the world's finest bodegas and wineries are expertly curated to create a sumptuous and layered whisky of legendary.

Please join us for this special 'The Dalmore' tasting event hosted by Lyon Street Cafe and featuring these Single Malt Whiskies:

About Alastair Menzies | Single malt Specialist

"As a seasoned people person, I'm expert in making first impressions, creating rapport, building relationships & educating. Not bad for a boy from Glasgow!

As a Single Malt Specialist, I am in charge of brand education, advocacy, and commercial management of The Dalmore and Jura Single Malt Scotch whiskies for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

My varied business experience has taught me that my professional values are simply the following:
☛ I love telling stories, been doing it since I was a bairn.
☛ I am a team player. I don't care who gets credit. I just want to win.
☛ Treat others how you would like to be treated.
☛ When you say you will do something, you better well do it.
☛ You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them in that proportion.
☛ Don’t be pushy.
☛ No substitute for pure enthusiasm.
☛ People work with people they like.
☛ Have fun and enjoy yourself.

I love making new acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk Scotch. 

Specialties: Scotch Whisky, Whiskey, Spirits, Education, Relationships, Team Work and Scotland.

Interests: In no particular order, I enjoy traveling, trail running, rugby, skiing, hiking, camping, visiting distilleries and ‘dramlaxing’."